Communicate Great provides specialist speech and language therapy services to children and young adults and their families.

 We see clients throughout Kent, South East London and South Essex. 

We see clients in their homes, nurseries, schools or colleges depending on their needs. 

Who can benefit from Speech

and Language Therapy?

Children and young adults may benefit from working with a speech and language therapist because:

  • They are late talkers

  • They have difficulties listening, concentrating or paying attention

  • They have difficulty understanding what is said or following instructions

  • They find it hard to put words together to make phrases and sentences

  • They have speech which is unclear or difficult to understand

  • They find it hard to play or interact socially with other children

  • They have difficulties regulating and expressing emotions

  • They are anxious and cannot speak in particular situations 

  • They stammer

  • They have a hoarse voice 

  • They have a diagnosis causing life-long communication difficulties

  • They require support to understand and make choices about their lives​

If you have concerns about a child or young adult’s speech, language or communication, please get in touch to discuss how Communicate Great can help.